Simplicity 1206 – Simplicity Sewing Challenge 2

I’m really excited about this post! This is my entry for the Simplicity Sewing Challenge. This is gonna be a bit longer than my usual peeps – so hang in there if you can ;-). Of course you can always flick through the many pictures as they will tell most of the story anyway! I have so enjoyed every part of this project, from dreaming up ideas right through to seeing them realised. It’s been good to slow down my sewing (you may have read the disastrous consequences of me and ‘quick’ sewing in my last post…) especially with the Olympics on in the background for pretty much the two weeks of evenings that it took for me to make this! When I saw that Simplicity were doing a sewing challenge again this year I was so excited and immediately hopped on over to see what the patterns were. I was so […]


Put away those scissors..


7.30pm – Kids are in bed, a whole evening of sewing lies ahead. Bliss! Spirits are running high as I get out my lovely (prewashed – oh yes) viscose fabric destined to become a dropped waist dress of my own design. Using the Sophia top pattern as my base, such a simple pattern this should surely only take me a few hours. I will have a new dress to wear tomorrow. Tumtee tumtee tah. 9.30pm – HOW IS IT THAT I HAVE BEEN SEWING FOR 2 HOURS ALREADY!!! My fabric is fraying like crazy and I’m french seaming everything in sight. ugh. 10.30pm – Sewed my skirt backwards and forgot to grade out the top for my hips. Resew the side seam and barely get away with the scant half inch gained. ugh. ugh. 11.30pm – Gathering the skirt has caused the machine to EAT MY FABRIC. I am no […]

Moneta Dress – Colette Patterns 1

Two blog posts in one week!? I know crazy eh! I have been making so much recently that blogging has fallen behind and I wanted to catch you up a bit. This one is a simple one – yep I have jumped onto the Moneta bandwagon. And what a wagon it is. I’ve been eyeing up the many different versions that have been cropping up on my instagram feed… My slight hesitance in going for this pattern is that I wasn’t sure I wanted anything too clingy around my tummy. And I’m never entirely convinced about waisted dresses on me. But then this fabric arrived. I did a big order at fabworks back in the spring for both me and my mum. This fabric was part of her order and when it arrived I had major fabric envy. I loved the big bold floral design and the texture of the fabric […]

Floral Moneta Dress

McCalls 6887

McCalls 6887 5

The sun is out. THE SUN IS OUT!! A hot 32ºC today which basically leaves me melting. I’m not great in the heat if I don’t have my own shady place by the pool to keep me cool and relaxed… Which reminded me that I have two summer dresses as yet unblogged. A fact that I mean to rectify today. I mentioned in my post about my Orla dress hack that I made 3 dresses before our holiday and I thought today I would share with you my McCalls 6887 – my palm tree dress! I discovered this particular pattern when I found Nina’s version and lurved the cut out detail on the back. I decided it was a must have for my holiday and I was excited to get started as it was set of new challenges to tackle. In the short time that I have been sewing I have not made […]